Blu Wireless

You may know us because of our leaders who have blazed a trail in the evolution of connectivity. Or maybe you know us because we’ve created a stir in the communications world, more specifically carrier-grade, 5G mmWave products, finally providing an alternative that’s free from issues like interference, inflexibility and restrictive licensing models.

We’ve evolved into a new breed of solution provider that not only has the technology, but also the system and market expertise that is empowering the world of 5G infrastructure, ISPs and WISPs. Few teams worldwide have the skills, life stories and drive to be successful in implementing working multi-Gbit wireless communications systems the way we are today. That’s because it’s complex to manage when it’s not your core expertise, but for us it’s our raison d’être.

Our Leadership Team

Henry Nurser, CEO

Henry has over 28 years experience in business, R&D (silicon, software and process) and operational management roles–bringing to market innovative high volume consumer products on aggressive technology nodes.

Henry holds a degree in Engineering from Cambridge University.

Ray McConnell, CTO

Ray brings over 25 years of experience with high performance, low power parallel processor technology. Starting his career with INMOS, he went on to found his first in a series of startups, Division plc, 20 years ago.

He brings a broad range of entrepreneurial startup experience, taking Division, PixelFusion and Clearspeed to IPO. Ray has 26 US and UK patents granted or filed and holds a Computer Science and Cybernetics degree from the University of Kent.

Mark Barrett, CMO

Mark brings over 30 years of experience in wireless technology and product development to Blu Wireless Technology.

In particular, he has founded and played key leadership roles – including operational, business and market development – for several startups.

He holds a degree in Electronics from Nottingham University.

Awards & Partnerships