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Leaders are looking to smart city initiatives as the future of urban development, using recent innovations in technology and connectivity to govern more reactively and effectively. With rocketing global populations and rapidly rising demand for high-quality WiFi access, network infrastructure is one of the most critical technological challenges faced by the world’s cities today. A […]

Blu Wireless Technology, a specialist provider of unlicensed mmWave networking solutions, has announced its 5G-ready technology has been used to stream video through Bristol’s historic centre. The 5G-XHaul project demonstration, which started July 1, 2015, marks the end of a 3-year collaborative research study to identify 5G technologies funded by the European Commission under the […]

IEEE802.11ad P2P / P2MP technology design, with the needs of carrier-grade infrastructure deployment in mind, has undergone a successful trial. Blu Wireless celebrates a successful trial of its HYDRA1.X IEEE 802.11ad baseband IP on the Bristol is Open trial network in its home city of Bristol. With the HYDRA1.X System IP including a number of […]

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